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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Metanoia & Interior Design

Metanoia a Greek word meaning “conversion” or "to know in a new way". Interior design is a practical, even utilitarian, art form that creates spaces in our homes that transform the way we live, thereby creating a metanoia or changing of the mind.

I believe that life is forever in flux, always changing and shifting, but most people rarely change their homes to reflect their new realities. Children get older, move out (and in and out again), partners move in (or out), we work more or fewer hours, learn how to cook, bring home a pet, get sick or start to heal; each new year brings new ways of being alive.

Our homes are the articulations of who we are, illustrations of what we value and expressions of who and how we love. Dynamic self-portraits, they’re most “ours” when they reflect us authentically.

This blog might be a starting place for the revisions and transformations you need to make your home a mirror of yourself and your life. I plan to offer ideas on how to transform a room inexpensively, how to determine what style works best in your house, specific color palettes, creating floorplans that work, specific pieces that can be purchased easily and other interior design solutions for people who are looking for a metanoia or changing of the mind.

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