Blog created by interior decorator Peggy Clarke to help create homes that reflect the people who live there and how they (want to) live. Blending spirituality with the art of interior design, Clarke aims to help people who want to create harmonious spaces for balanced living.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Welcome to Metanoia, the blog for Peggy Clarke Designs. Here you'll find fabulous things you can buy online, the newest trends, color ideas, gorgeous fabrics, solutions for problem rooms, information and answers to your design questions. Have you been looking for the perfect sofa? Do you want to update a room on a very small budget? Want to know where to buy the least expensive light fixtures? Post a comment, ask a question...this blog is meant to be practical, specific and helpful. Just click beneath any posting on "comments" to get started. (, I don't make a penny on any item I feature or suggest here.) So go ahead, don't be shy. Dig right in!

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