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Monday, June 11, 2007

Color Matters

I went to a conference last week on color. What I was hoping for is for someone to confirm that a silvery lavender is the next hot thing. (They didn’t, but it is. Trust me.) What I got instead was a pretty interested report on some research done by Pittsburg Paint on the relationship between our current social order and design style.

They broke up our current society into five generational groups. They are:

The Digital Age: 4-13
Generation Y: 14-33
Generation X: 34-44
Baby Boomers: 45-64
Golden Age: 64+

Each group is identified by those things that define them and therefore the colors they most respond to. I’m not going to go into it all (it was a 2 hour lecture, after all) but the result of their research can be found on their web site. If you’ve got some time, try their color game. It might help you know what color you should paint that room you’ve been wanting to change:

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