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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanksgiving Table

Sorry these posts have taken me so long. 3 posts in one day has to make up for it right?

I'd love to pile this posting with great family recipes, but, really, who cares how things taste if the place doesn't look great.

I'm particularly interested in black and white this year. One of my favorites is this pattern available at Berdorf Goodman.

These Kate Spade plates are just what I'd want on an elegant, sophisticated and contemporary table.

These plates are interesting and a little bit feminine, which is typical of Anthropologie (the retailer). The design is unusual, which is difficult to come by these days.

This piece is a decoupage by John Derian available at which is a great site to visit if you've never been there.

This classic bird pattern is also available with a white background, which is less dramatic, but might work better with your decor. The pattern is done by Jasper Conran.

This blue plate has a lot going for it. It would look wonderful on top of a white charger (see Tiffany for some gorgeous ones) and a white tablecloth. It will make a statement when your guests first see your table.

I don't like clocks in the dining room, but these don't tell time, so I'm letting it slide. Pattern by Ralph Lauren.

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