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Friday, September 15, 2006

Hearth and Home

The seasons are changing and warmth and comfort are on the menu! My Grandmother told me that when she was a young wife and mother, every fall and spring she (and everyone she knew) would transform their homes to greet the new season. September would be spent unrolling the wool rugs and hanging the velvet curtains and covering beds with comforters to get ready for the cold weather. Here are some tips to help you get ready too.

While the weather is still good, put this copper cauldron firepit in the backyard or on a stone patio. (Smith and Hawken, Wrap the kids up in blankets and roast marshmallows.

While there, enjoy some handcrafted s'mores from Laura's Candy ( They have some delicious treats for yourself or they make great hostess gifts.

Wrap yourself up in one of these.

Cashmere blanket from Land's End ( which, at $125, is a pretty good bargain.

Or try this alpaca blanket from Eileen Fisher
sold at Garnet Hill ( for $300.

This cashmere throw would look great on the back of any sofa. It's $200 sold at Levengers (

If you have a fireplace inside, consider filling a basket with logs and keeping it filled all season long. This one's available from Plow and Hearth ( for $70.

Natural elements are always the best way to move your house from season to season. For autumn, pick up some mums from your local supermarket or Home Depot, put the pots into some nice baskets and place them outside your front door. If you’re really motivated, buy a whole lot of them and place them on the deck, in the front hall, on your kitchen table…all high traffic areas in your home.

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