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Friday, July 27, 2007

Beds, Beds, Beds

I’ve been searching for the perfect bedroom set for someone and in the process have seen some gorgeous pieces. I’m not listing prices here because they vary from store to store and a few aren’t even available to the public but have to be purchased through a decorator, but I should warn you: None of these are cheap.

This is one I seem to measure all the rest against:

I don’t know if a picture really captures the moment here, but this bed has grace.

This is the one that had my client hooked for a while.

What’s interesting about it is that it has a footboard, but since the wood wasn’t too thick, it didn’t feel overpowering the way so many of these beds can. This one is done by Henkel Harris.

Drexell Heritage has a new line. It’s a reproduction of Walt Disney’s furniture. It’s elegant, mid-century modern. This piece also has so much storage that you won’t need a dresser.

This is the one my client is going to buy.

Whoever took this picture should be fired, though. The footboard really isn’t larger than the headboard!

If you like sleigh beds, the best price is from Martha Stewart’s Skyland Collection

This one is pretty straight forward with a simple, classic design. Unlike some of the other beds I saw, this one doesn’t bump out too far on the side which would get old fast. No one wants to bang a foot first thing in the morning. On sale, this one is less than $1,000.

If you’d rather something simpler, try a platform bed like this one:

Now for a true confession: I don’t have a bed. OK, I don’t sleep on the couch. What I mean is that my husband and I sleep on the most fabulous matress money can buy settled comfortably on the metal frame the delivery guy had in the back of the truck.