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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hitting the Books

It’s back to school, which means stacks of books are starting to encroach on living space. In my house, we have a library, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t books piling up on top of kitchen counters or next to nightstands or, dare I say, on bathroom floors. So, it’s time for gorgeous ways to store all these beautiful books. I’m particularly fond of stacking books of similar sizes or topics on top of a side table and putting a finial or small sculpture or iron piece on top, but if you want something more permanent, try some of these...

I know I try to highlight things on this blog that most people can afford, but from time to time, I just want to go a little crazy. This bookcase will cost (at retail) about $4,300. Think of it this way, if you hire a decorator, maybe you’ll only have to pay $3,000. Does that help? You can get this as Dialogica.

While I’m at it, this one’s gorgeous, but not cheap.

It’s from Patina and will run you close to $12,000 retail, but no one pays retail for these things. Your local designer can sell it to you for at least 25% less. OK, forget the price, hand painting this bookcase has created a piece that’s both elegant and rustic. Gorgeous.

This is from Tucker Robbins. It’s handmade from sustainable wood. It’s high end, but I wasn’t able to get a price on this. If you want it, though, I can find one in your area and get a price for you that way.

The same goes for this Nicholas and Stone case. N&S is the oldest furniture maker in the country and has a quality rarely found anymore. Again, I couldn’t get a price on this, but this line is carried here in Northern Westchester by Country Willow if you want to purchase it retail.

If you like contemporary design, these free form shelves really make a statement. You can get them from

Unlike these others, this is easily purchased. It’s from West Elm and only costs $400. It draws attention to itself, which, in this case, I appreciate. It has contemporary style with strong lines; it feels simultaneously substantial and light.

I love bookends. I have more pairs than I can count. Here are some great examples of what you can purchase today.

This is raw onyx and is available from which is a non-profit organization that supports artists all over the world. These only cost $40 and are raw and rustic and beautiful.

This is stone bookend is available wholesale from Barreveld for $10. You won’t be able to purchase it yourself (that price isn't retail), but a designer can get it for you easily.

These are from Pottery Barn for $70.

These are from the Metropolitan Museum store ( for $55

I found these online at a site called They’re selling these for $55.

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